1-10V Dimming Function Daylight Harvesting Sensor

This daylight sensor dims and illuminates in accordance to present natural light. When bright daylight is shining in the room, the sensor lowers its light level. It provides a simple and effective solution for daylight harvesting. When there is little or no daylight coming in, the sensor brightens its light. The hold-time and dim-light level can be chosen in the sensor's settings.

The product connects to a 0-10V dimmable driver and uses a photocell to measure ambient lux levels and automatically calculate how much artificial light needs to be emitted from the light source.

The product can be paired with a motion sensor to add motion detection functionality. Easily paired with:

  • MC601V
  • MC602S
  • MC603S

    For best results, mount product as close to the natural light source as possible.

  • Directly connects to the 1-10V dimmable LED driver of any brand
  • Adjusts light output based on the amount of natural light available.
  • Easily adjustable target light level
  • Can be used independently or with motion sensors for added functionality

    Spec Sheet & Installation Guide