150W LED UFO High Bay with Reflector (600W Replacement)

Dull Corners? Not any more!

With an extensive Luminous flux of 143lm/W, the all-out light yield of the light is up to 21,450 lumens, which makes it a high splendor LED ceiling light, appropriate for vast region lighting, for example, colossal carports, distribution centers, general stores, and so on. Attributable to 0-10V dimming capacity, adaptably flexible brilliance secures your eyes against the bothering by the high-yield lights and fits for various necessities.

Spare Significantly More On Electricity Bill
This LED Ceiling light is very effective & efficient, so it can get a good deal on your electric bill. Its wattage is 150W, yet it can supplant a 600W MHL/HID light, which implies that you can spare $2475 on vitality bill in its 50,000hrs long life expectancy. In addition, this DLC and UL listed light are qualified for taking part in Refund/Rebate programs, sparing more on your bills.

Remarkable Development
Very much built aluminum lodging and warmth sink guarantee magnificent erosion obstruction and exceptional warmth dispersal, dragging out its life expectancy as long as 50,000 hours. This LED Highbay light protects stable execution and guarantees activity even in wet areas with IP65 Rating. The Glass reflector ensures a well-illuminated space with an added glow oomph! All this & much more with a competent 5 Year Warranty.