22 Inch Round LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror w/ Dimmer & Defogger, On/Off Touch Switch with CCT Remembrance

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 22 Inch Round Bathroom Vanity Mirror With Lights, Anti-Fog, Wall Mount, CCT Changeable With Remembrance Driven Bathroom.

Round Mirror is a remarkable and ravishing mirror that completely changes the moxy of the space. These Round Mirrors with 22inch breadths won't consume a great deal of room yet make a spot look dazzling. These LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors accompany an inbuilt ON/OFF touch switch that can assist with changing the shading temperature. These LED Vanity mirrors are exceptionally strong and energy-proficient. This restroom reflect with light is the assertion piece of adornment that changes a smooth spot into an appealing one.


These LED Bathroom Mirrors have an inbuilt defogger that cleans the haze that gathers on the mirror naturally. You will not need to physically brush the haze away, saving you time in the cleaning system.

Defogger is the extraordinary element of the LED Vanity Mirror that assists with eliminating the haze that gets gathered on the mirror. It saves time for physically cleaning the mirror. The Defogger isn't controlled through the switch on the mirror. The switch just controls the LED Light on the mirror to turn on and off or to change CCT. On the off chance that you wish to switch the defogger off, you should switch the switch off or remove the fitting from the power source. The temperature of the defogger will constantly be 59-68 degrees more than the room temperature. To expand, suppose on the off chance that your room temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of the defogger would be 86-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

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