DC 12 V Full Spectrum 16.4FT SMD5050 LED Strip Grow Light- Red:Blue=4:1

DC 12 V Full Spectrum 16.4 FT SMD5050 LED Strip Grow Light- Red:Blue=4:1 is 5Mtr/16.4Ft ideal for indoor gardens/plantations with a red light wavelength of 620-720nm & blue light wavelength of 420-500nm. It comes with a 1 Year warranty, suitable for wet & damp areas with an IP65 rating. It is low heat emission & 90% less power consuming than it's traditional counterparts. This SMD5050 LED strip light has 60 LEDs per meter & can be easily curved, cut & installed with 3M base.

Why 10w BR 30 Hydroponic Dimmable Grow Light E26 Bulb?

  • Provide an effective light spectrum similar to that of the sun

  • Useful and scientific spectrum wavelengths stimulate photosynthesis 
  • 5050 ultra-bright LED chip ensures premium performance
  • Can be freely bent and cut
  • 3M adhesive tape for a quick and solid installation
  • Suitable for humid environment
  • RoHS compliant, no harmful chemical substances contained
  • Operated under 12V low voltage which secures your safety
  • Widely used for plant tissue culture, vegetable cultivation, horticulture, and industrial seeding, etc.


    Voltage: DC 12V

    Wattage: 12W/3.3ft

    Working temperature: 10°F—248°F

    Location: IP65 waterproof

    LED Chip: 5050 SMD

    LED quantity: 300LEDs/16.4ft

    LED Color: Red + Blue (Red:Blue=4:1) 

    Certification: RoHS, CE