LED Solar Batten Light Set ; 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel ; 6000K

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36W Box= measures 38x5x4.5x11lb.
80W Panel measures= 32x3x29x27.5lb

A 36W LED solar batten light set is an all-in-one solar outdoor lighting set comprising of the lighting lamp along with a solar panel, a battery and a microwave sensor. Rated IP65, this product is suiatble for all-weather conditions. Further, it is built to last for 50,000 hours or more. This product is quite an energy-efficient product (through the use of solar panel) saving 100% on your energy bills. The beam angle is 120 degree (wide beam angle) for illumination of wide areas. The lumen output is 4200 lumens with color temperature option as 6000K reflecting a daywhite-cool white light glow. With the lithium battery lasting for 1000 deep cycles, there is a low maintenance need. No cabling or onsite assembly required so pretty easy to install. The cost-savings is huge with this product, being a dusk to dawn kind of product. The microwave sensor provides for an effective way of security by alerting you of any intruder. Being eco-friendly, this product is quite a sustainable lighting solution.
Overall, it’s an alternative, reliable, convenient and cost-effective lighting source product using the natural source of energy -- the solar energy.

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