LED Wall Sconce with Brushed brown Body Finish, 26W, 3000K, 1300LM, Dimmable, Aluminum Body Material

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CCT 3000K

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You have invested lots of time and love in decorating and maintaining your home. It looks beautiful, yet adding some more lights can make your home a more beautiful place. This LED wall sconce is just what your home needs to look more elegant and modern at the same time. It comes with a brushed brown body finish that will adorn any minimalist wall.  Since the light operates on a power supply of 26W to provide 1300 lumens, it will help set an enjoyable ambiance while consuming very little energy. It highlights a modern design and offers a correlated color temperature of 3000K, meaning that it is an ideal accent lighting fixture for your home  or personal office.  The dimmable feature will allow you to adjust the luminosity of this fixture to match your moods.

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