4pcs Motion Activated LED Under Cabinet Lighting Bar Kit with UL-listed Power Adapter

1. #1 under counter LED light bar since 2016

2. Motion sensor included, auto-on when motion detected, and auto-off after 4min in absence of movement, large sensing range up to 26ft

3.Extendable design, 3 extra extension cable included, 2 output jacks, single or double chains available, UL-listed power adaptor for safe operation, 3M adhesive tape at back, easy to connect and install


4.4pcs x 12 inches/bar, ultra-slim triangular shape & clear PC lens, can be hidden into corners, cabinets, and showcases, especially under the counter, closet, gun box, and display lighting

This LED cabinet light bar kit featuring plug-n-play quick installation and can be used in multiple lighting occasions, such as under counter and under cabinet lighting, display box lighting, closet lighting, step lighting, etc.

Sensor Switch

The sensor needs the 20s to function normally every time after the power is cut and restored. The sensor will immediately turn on the light after the motion is detected.

Its detect range of this product is 26.25ft long with 120-degree sensing angle. In the low light circumstance, your movement will trigger the sensor and turn the lights on automatically. The lights will auto OFF after 4 minutes without any motion.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Each light bar comes with 18 pieces of high quality LED chips and delivers 150 lumens of brightness with a low power consumption of 1.5W, which is 600 lumens and 6W in total for each kit. 5000K daylight color appearance is suitable for display lighting and task lighting. As LED does not contain UV or IR, it is safe for artwork and cool to touch.

Easy and Flexible Install

This complete LED light kit adopts slim triangular shape, so it perfect for corner application and hiding behind doors or under counters. Each light bar has 3M tapes backing on both sides and 2 mounting ears to be fixed by screws.

Every light bar comes with a female and a male connector on either end. So they can be easily connected together without trouble. We also included 3 extension wires in the kit for long distance application. For long distance application, you can also connect another kit together with the same power adaptor.

Package Includes: 4 x LED light bar, 3 x extension cable, 1 x sensor, 1 x UL power adaptor


The sensor needs about 20s to warm up for the first time.

The extension cables are also sold separately.


Volt In.: AC 100-240V

Volt Out.: DC 12V, 1A

Power: 1.5W/bar, 6W/kit

Lumen: 150lm/bar, 600lm/kit

Beam Angle: 120 degree

CRI: >80

Length of Light Bar: 11.81 Inch

Sensing Range: 26.25ft@120

Time Delay: 4 min