Pack of 10, 12V LED Meteor Shower Lights RGB (15W) - Double Sided for Festive/Holiday Decoration

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1. Unique vivid and romantic meteor effect
2. Flexible patterns: place the lights wherever you want to add some fun in whatever patterns
3. Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, suitable for outdoor deco lighting
4. Perfect replacement for the traditional and LED rice bulb icicle lights
5. Low consumption, easy maintenance, long life

Be the first one in your neighborhood to put on this unique meteor effect holiday lights outside your house this year! This blue color LED light tubes to emulate meteors glowing and falling from the night sky, giving off romantic and festive vibes.

This light set consists of 10 pieces of double-sided LED light tubes. The 10 light tubes are connected to one main cord and 13 inches apart from each other. The space between them gives you plenty of freedom to arrange the lights any way you wish.

The expected lifespan of this LED tube light is 30,000 hours. Energy consumption is as low as 1.5 watts/bar. length available with different wattages and densities of LEDs:
50cm(19.7'')/60LEDs, 15W

For connection convenience, the main cord ends with “positive” and “negative” two electric wires, which you can use to hook up with direct 12Volts power source.


You will need a power supply to transform 120V to 12V if you have a 120V power source. The power supply is not included but can be found on our website, 


Suitable for holiday decoration lighting, Christmas outdoor lighting, indoor/outdoor party lighting, anywhere you want to produce a particularly eye-catching display. Certified for both indoor and outdoor uses, you can place them at varying heights in a tree, hang them up in front of your garage gate or above your kitchen bar…. Play with this cool light with creativity, the sky is the limit!


Please purchase a power supply adapter separately if you intend to connect this light with the 120V power source.

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