Photocell Twist Cap - Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Models With Shorting Cap

The photocontroller is applicable to control the street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient natural lighting level, and midnight sleeping timer settings. This product is designed with microprocessor circuits with either sensors of CdS photocell, photodiode or IR-filtered phototransistor and a surge arrester (MOV) is provided. Its quicker response with time delay of 0-10 seconds for turning-on and offers an easy-to-test feature. This photocell has the  avoid mis-operation due to spotlight or lightning during the night time. The –HP version provides constant reliability as the relay has sufficient work life of over 50,000 hours of lighting and offers extra long work life when a metal Armor option is applied together. This product meets the requirements of ANSI C136.10-2010 and the Standard for Plug-In.