Shunted Sockets-2-Lamp 8ft. Fluorscent to LED T8 Retrofit Kit-Ballast Compatible Tubes Only

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  • Number of Sockets: 4
  • Ballast Compatible Tubes Only.
  • The bracket will fit fixtures ranging from 4.25" - 5.0"
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Made in the U.S.A

    Retrofit Conversion Kit by GetBestLEDLights converts older single lamp 8ft T8 or T12 light to an energy efficient more reliable LED light. This kit includes 4 T8 shunted sockets, retrofit bracket socket plates and self-tapping screws. The retrofit bracket socket plate accommodates installation on lights between 4.25" to 5.0" wide. The brackets are pre-painted and pre-wired to make installation quick and easy. This kit re-uses your existing light ultimately saving you time and money.

    Retrofit Conversion Kits convert older 4-foot and 8-foot T8 or T12 strip light fixtures into energy efficient T5 or T8 light fixtures. Each kit includes T5 or T8 Bi-Pin Lamp Sockets, Retrofit Bracket Socket Plates, and self-tapping Screws. n Complies with UL Standard 1598B. n Pre-wired conversion kit bracket; Installer only needs to complete ballast lead terminations to finish conversion kit bracket installation. n Pre-painted with smooth, glossy, highly reflective white paint. n Includes holes for installing Ballast Cover or Reflectors.


    • A simple upgrade to an energy efficient T5 or T8 light fixture. 
    • Your original light fixture housing is reused. This reduces the retrofit conversion time to a new T5 or T8 light fixture at half the cost and half the time compared to the installation of a new fixture. 
    • Improved lumen performance, lighting quality, and longer lamp life.
    • Simplifies your lamp inventory to one lamp type and color temperature.
    • When you convert your old light fixtures to T5 or T8 light fixtures using these Retrofit Conversion Kit you will realize energy savings up to 49% and your ROI can be as short as 15 months.


    • The combination of this low-cost Retrofit Conversion Kit, electronic ballasts, and T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps are recognized as the most energy-efficient lighting system today.
    • These Retrofit Conversion Kits are made in the USA, complies with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and allows Contractors to readily participate in Government sponsored lighting retrofit projects.


    • Viable retrofit opportunities in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings that have not converted to the energy efficient T5 or T8 lighting systems.
    • Labor savings! The combination of high-efficiency ballast, T5 or T8 lamps, and the low cost of  Retrofit Conversion Kits is a fast and easy installation.
    • Requires minimal rewiring. n Minimal recycling on the job site.


    • Commercial and industrial facilities
    • Factories n Warehouses and storage areas
    • Strip malls and shopping centers
    • Schools and recreation areas
    • Airport, train and bus terminals
    • Fast food restaurants
    • Other applications where retrofitting existing lighting systems will provide improved lumen output and energy savings
    Finish White
    Voltage AC100-277V
    Approvals / Listings UL Listed
    Warranty 1 Year
    Country of Origin China

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