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Smart Remote Functionality - programmable lighting modes to satisfy most applications.

    3 different lighting modes -

    1. Continuous brightness for allotted time 

    2. Dim lighting + motion sensor mode

    3. Timer lighting mode where the light is programmable for a certain time limit

    Adaptive Lighting System to achieve full night lighting if the weather changes, this is known as constant current output.

    Variable Frequency Technology controls and adjusts the LED driver frequency to reach the max output of LED and Battery.

    Temperature Control Systems to Protect the battery charging and discharging in high temperatures.

    10 hours for a full charge battery by standard sunlight. Once the battery is fully charged, it can support 3 nights of lighting.

    SC Seoul LED Chips - 160 lumens/w (40 LED Chips)

    Note: The pole is not included.

    This product does include the mounting hardware. 


    Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, BV, BSCI, ISO

    Color: 6500K

    Lumens: 3000 lm

    Sensor: Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor

    Beam Angle (°): 120°

    Solar charging time: 9~10 hours by bright sunlight

    Install Height: 10~15 ft (recommended space between lights: 20-50ft max)

    Lighting time: Over 3 nights

    CRI: Minimum of 70

    Battery Life: Li-ion battery, 5 years

    PIR Range: 25-35ft (8-10m)

    Solar Panel: 15W 18V

    Material: Aluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass

    Waterproof: IP65

    Size: 31.81in x 8.94in x 6.46in

    Work temperature: -22 F to 149 F

    Warranty: 1 year

    Replaces: up to 200W MH/HPS



    More Information

    Smart energy saving light mode:

    • Auto off for sun charging during the daytime
    • 600 lumens for first 5 hrs + 300 lumens dim light till dawn. 
    • PIR motion 2000 lumens of full brightness till dawn


    • Courtyard / Garden/Park / Street / Roadway
    • Pathway / Parking Lot / Private Road / Sidewalk / Public Square
    • Plaza / Campus / Airfield / Farm & Ranch / Perimeter Security
    • Wildlife Area / Remote Area / Military Base

    This product is water resistant, not waterproof, meaning it is made to be outdoors but not submerged into water.

    Preset Lighting Modes in More Detail:


    10% brightness + PIR (full brightness for 30 seconds) for 12 hours - once you click on this mode, it will stay in M1 until the setting is changed.


    Initial default setting mode: 0hrs of brightness + PIR (full brightness for 30 seconds) for 12 hours. This will stay in M2 until the setting is changed.

    Lighting Modes Via Controller

    a. You can choose different brightness for whole night 10%, 30%, 60%, 100%. (Not recommended since the 100% lighting mode of full brightness can use the entire battery in 1 night)

    b. You can choose different brightnesses and time 1/2/3/4/6*/8* hours (ex. 30% for 4 hours)  - once the selected mode is completed, it will automatically initiate M2 for the remainder of the night. This mode has a memory function, therefore it will keep same light every night until you change it to another mode.

    *To access 6 and 8 hours, simply move the switch from OFF to ON next to the batteries on the back of the remote, under the protective cap. If switched to "ON", T1 = 2hrs, T2 = 4hrs, T3 = 6hrs, T4 = 8hrs.

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