Surface Mount Kit for 1X4 Panel

Surface Mount Kit for 1X4 Panel is specially designed for 1X4 LED Edge Lit Panels.

Installation Steps:

1. Disconnect power where the fixture is going to be installed.

2. Completely assemble the kit on a flat surface.

3. Lift assembled kit to the desired installation location and mark where holes need to be drilled.

4. Drill ceiling holes and drive appropriate anchors into the holes.

5. Mount the kit to the ceiling with fasteners.

6. Remove 4 screws of the kit to remove one side that is not secured to the ceiling (see Figure 1) in the panel installation guide.

7. Slide panel into open kit deep enough to that is stable and secure.

8. Make all electrical connections. See the panel installation guide for wiring instructions. 9. Replace the removed side and screw back into place.

10. Turn the power back on, installation is now complete.