150W LED UFO High Bay with Reflector (600W Replacement)

150W LED UFO High Bay with Reflector (600W Replacement)


Color Temprature: 5000K


Thinking about warehouse lighting? So, you've landed on the just-right product! Introducing one of the best in the industry (UFO High Bay LED Lights); this product is specially designed for warehouse area and high ceiling indoor lighting category with a ceiling height of 15ft to 25ft. 

A crafted lighting fixture with a lumens output of () and would easily replace your (400W)Old MH Fixture and brings you the energy saving of (350W) of energy on each fixture. Designed with premium grade lens devices to achieve 120-degrees of beam angle. Inbuilt with advanced technology these High Bay LED Lights are dimmable and can be hook mounted on any ceilings.

However, the dimmable features give the control of brightness in your hands. Moreover, these lights are IP65-rated, making the fixture completely dust and water-resistant to a great expansion.


When we talked about warehouse lighting; The first things come-up in our mind- It will take time! But these high bay lights make the process a lot easy. As these lights are available in hook mount-you just need to put into the hole of the lamp and must be tightened them through a bolt-on a hanging ring itself. For the step-by-step procedure, you can check the complete manufacture instruction that comes along with the product. 

The Hook mount makes the installation way easier. Just one thing you need to take care of is that the weight of the hook must be 3-4 times heavier than the UFO lamp. 

Crafted to make the fixture impeccable! This high bay light is manufactured with an aluminum big heat sink for excellent heat dissipation. 

When current channelizes on the fixture and turns-on LEDs, the electron grid combines with electron holes to release energy in the form of photons. The light of color is known as photonic energy.

We Ensure to deliver excellence and that's why our product is manufactured with high-quality materials, additionally, these lights consist of SMD-chips to reach the maximum operational efficiency of the product. 

Being an indoor lighting fixture, this UFO High Bay lights would not give any benefits of doubt. This fixture is completely protected from water and dust. 

Wide Beam Angle or we say Ultra Wide Beam Angle! These fixtures conceived a wide beam angle of 120-degrees-ensures and an even distribution of light all over the space by eliminating all the darks-spots you were having in your old-lighting fixtures. 

These lights are designed to last long! However, these lights have 50,000 hours of life efficiency with a negligible lumens depreciation. Hence, the maintenance is very low and seems to be nothing in comparison to your old MH fixture. 

An additional dimmable feature makes this product stand amongst all. Eventually, it gives the brightness control in your hands. You can control the level of brightness from 0V to 10V. Make sure you have a compatible dimmer for your UFO High Bay. 

It's an additional accessory available with our UFO High Bay lights. It turns on the fixture only, when an intruder comes in the range of sensors. It will save you energy and at the same time alerts you of any unknown intruder at your space.

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